No more fluff-advice: Mindworks launches 10-day meditation challenge to combat the effects of toxic work stress


Though it’s utterly cliché at this point, startups are stressful environments to work, and it’s important that the growing startup workforce keeps this in mind and protects their health.

Innovating requires going out on a limb, and limbs have a tendency to break when forced to carry too much weight. And by this point the stress-burden that many startup employees shoulder on a daily basis is well known, and has inspired many snappy articles in which founders and experts share their top suggestions for how to reduce stress, that although well intentioned, are often too vague to be of use to anyone.

Bart Mendel- Co-founder at Mindworks

If reducing stress was as easy as being told to “take a moment for yourself” or “avoid negative patterns of thought”, we would all be a lot happier and healthier, but reading inspirational quotes without an actual tangible path towards changing your habits is as guaranteed to produce results as tossing your stress ball into a wishing well.

“There’s only one way to create a good habit and that’s by doing something over and over again,” says Mindworks co-founder Bart Mendel. Which is why instead of posting inspirational quotes on Instagram, Mendel and his small team of close friends, trained by preeminent Buddhist meditation masters, decided to share their passion for spreading meditation techniques by creating the nonprofit Mindworks together.

From his experience as a meditation instructor for over 35 years, Mendel and his team have been working to create quality and readily available mindfulness and awareness-focused guided meditations, available on their free mindful meditations app launched in January. The app’s content includes daily inspirations, guided meditations, and “Mind Talks”- which are short videos featuring Mindworks international team of meditation instructors.

Today they announced the launching of their new 10-day meditation challenge, which will be available starting December 1st. Those who sign up to participate in the challenge will receive daily emails with guided instructions for 15-20 minute meditation sessions.  On the final day of the challenge, all participants will be invited to a live online Q & A chat with an instructor at Mindworks, to get feedback and ask any questions that may have surfaced during the 10 days.

The 10-day challenges will be available for a nominal fee as an additional resource to the free content available on the app, and is appropriate for all levels. The app is available for download from the Mindowrks website, Google Play and the App Store.




Tsony visits Pasadena Bodhi Path

DT Tsony

Dear friends,

Here are links to the 2 talks we had with Lama Tsony. For better results, download the files first before listening.

Thanks! – cesar

A Project for an Awakened Life.
The Condensed Practice of Mind Training with the Five Forces – October 25

Anuttara Puja
The Sevenfold Prayer as an Ideal Lifestyle – October 4

Khenpo Tsering visits Pasadena Bodhi Path

We had the good fortune and blessings to have our teacher and friend Khenpo Tsering visit our group last Wednesday night and give teachings this weekend at the home of our dear friend and dharma sister, Jean Loo. Many thanks to everyone who contributed in making this weekend a most enjoyable one. Khenpo elucidated the 5th Chapter, Vigilant Introspection, of the Bodhisattvacharyāvatāra, Way of the Bodhisattva. We all benefited greatly from Khenpo’s explanations and his wonderful stories.

“Khenpo finished his teachings of Chapter 5 Vigilant Introspection with 109 verses in A Guide to the Bodhisattva’s Way of Life by Shantideva.  Look forward to more teachings.” – Jean Loo

Khenpo with Francesca, Erinn, and Nastassja at our Wednesday night class

Khenpo and the sangha at Jean’s home

Lama Jampa Thaye’s visit to Pasadena Bodhi Path

Lama Jampa Thaye

Lama Jampa Thaye

Pasadena Bodhi Path was delighted and profoundly grateful for the wonderful opportunity and blessings to have been able to host Lama Jampa Thaye for a weekend of teachings. Lama Jampa gave teachings and explanations based on, “A Concise Lojong Manual” by the 5th Shamarpa. Along with the commentary from the text by the 5th Shamarpa, Lama Jampa include instructions and additional commentary given to him by our own, Kunzig Shamarpa Rinpoche shortly before he passed last year. This was indeed a blessing and displayed the transcendence of a great Master’s wisdom, that continues, beyond the illusion of form. Thank you Lama Jampa Thaye!

Lama Jampa Thaye visits with a little bodhisattva

Lama Jampa Thaye visits with a little bodhisattva

Blessings  Shamarpa & Lama Jampa Thaye

Shamarpa & Lama Jampa Thaye

Lama Jampa Thaye This Weekend, April 18 – 19 Pasadena CA

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Whatever You Meet Unexpectedly, Join With Meditation


The idea is that whatever comes up is not a sudden threat or an encouragement or any of that bullshit. Instead it simply goes along with one’s discipline, one’s awareness of compassion. If somebody hits you in the face, that’s fine…

Generally speaking, Western audiences have a problem with that kind of thing. It sounds love-and-lighty, like the hippie ethic in which “Everything is going to be okay. Everybody is everybody’s property, everything is everybody’s property. You can share everything with everybody. Don’t lay ego trips on things.” But this is something more than that… It is simply to be open and precise, and to know your territory at the same time. You are going to relate with your own neurosis rather than expanding that neurosis to others.

In a sense, when you begin to settle down to that kind of practice, to that level of being decent and good, you begin to feel very comfortable and relaxed in your world. It actually takes away your anxiety altogether, because you don’t have to pretend at all… There is so much accommodation taking place in you. And out of that comes a kind of power: what you say makes sense to others. The whole thing works so wonderfully. It does not have to become martyrdom. It works very beautifully.


From Training the Mind & Cultivating Loving-Kindness by Chogyam Trungpa , copyright 1993 by Diana Mukpo.


The Path to Awakening now on Goodreads

The Path to Awakening: How Buddhism's Seven Points of Mind Training Can Lead You to a Life of Enlightenment and HappinessThe Path to Awakening: How Buddhism’s Seven Points of Mind Training Can Lead You to a Life of Enlightenment and Happiness by Shamar Rinpoché
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I read the first edition of this book when it was first published in 2009. I’m very happy to see that it is now being reissued through a new publisher and a focus to making it widely available. This book is Rinpoche’s commentary on the classic Seven Points of Mind Training. There are many different books on Mind Training, lojong in Tibetan. I have read many and found Rinpoche’s book to be a valuable addition to the collection of commentaries of these wonderful teachings. Let’s face it, Rinpoche is not reinventing the wheel here. These are authentic teachings passed down for centuries from teacher to student.

Although they may sound a little foreign to someone who is new to Buddhism, they are nevertheless extremely beneficial and derive from the Buddha’s teachings, the Buddhadharma. As the title implies, it is a road map to awakening. And we are guided by these instructions and a genuine spiritual guide. For me, a lifelong endeavor and commitment. I highly recommended this text to anyone who is interested in Buddhism’s methods to free oneself from the habit of self-reference. And just to be honest, I give all Dharma books 5 stars. Impossible not to, if it’s authentic Buddhadharma. I also recommend that one finds an authentic teacher/spiritual friend to guide and assist on this road trip.

Safe travels

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