The Seven Circle Badger Boogie Woogie with the Kings Canyon Side-Step

Heart of Practice Retreat 2018

3:30 rose offers itself up to me,

crescent moon the vase,
the fire releases it.

I’m awake!
Now time to clean the litter box.

This seasick yogi
continues to sail the sea of samsara
Continuously tossing out
Illusory life savers
While sinking deeply into the ocean of wisdom.

If you want the mind to show you
Your most disturbing, distracting attachments:
Just meditate

Reading the recipe and eating the meal
are not the same

This precise collection of people
only happens once in this way

7 Circles, 7 minutes,
Prayers flowing to the seven seas
Cesar Seas
We all see

Letting the stillness and breath
connect the mind and heart
Every single one surrendering
And contributing to the Badger Boogie Woogie
with the Kings Canyon side-step
Next year in double time
SLO being the new fast

Cutting those strings of righteousness
I fall into laughter

The elephant in the room trumpets in glee
while crushing the circus of ego

Circus peanuts fall into the big mind sky
As smooth ivory columns
Spiral through my thoughts

Mind and what arises
Do not get the two confused
They are one

Imagine if the world that you thought you knew
Wasn’t really true
it was made up in your mind
a construct of your desires

I am you
You are me
Let’s work it out

Research recipes
Lists, computer problems
Crush, burn, anxiety,
Fear, terror, endless.
Thinking, talking, shopping
Last minute changes
Do not buy too much
Do not buy too little
Don’t forget anything
Let it go…

They will eat what’s here
And what’s not
but they will be filled.

We arrived as a hand full
Of tight kernels of corn
each day the right conditions come together
Tonight we explode
Into white fluffy clouds
We are now a bowl of popcorn.
om mani padme hung

Nature nurtures nature
Especially if small animals
such as birds are involved
Don’t believe everything you think

Before enlightenment:
Chop wood carry water
After enlightenment:
Chop wood carry water

The lavender is buzzing
with a variety of bees
the table in the background
is buzzing with noble speech

Roaring river, thunder and movement
the source of a thousand whirlpools
watching them form
seeing their nature
then letting them go

Like the rushing river
Thus have I heard!
You don’t do the dharma
the dharma does you

Manjushri’s sword
Cuts through extremes
I asked to borrow it
he told me to use my own
Spontaneity arises from relaxing
compassion is spontaneous
the point is
that there is no point
to be or not to be?
Should be an easy question
Left with nothing,
there lies everything

Sleeping in a sea of nettles,
Like the thistles from epistles
peeling back the mind
letting go the ego
and what remained left
is the watermelon rind.

Beyond the big open sky
I detect
at least one more big open sky

3 weeks of retreat?
that’s completely crazy
No way
Ok, sure, why not?

For you my love: anything
I am an antenna
You are my signal

You are my only friend right now
I am useless to myself
Have whatever is left of me

Oh to transform
all ecstasies
into one
like the love songs
Of Mirabai
Have i ever known such longing?

Row, row, row your boat
Gently down the stream
Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily
life is but a dream

Stop trying.
What you’re claiming for
doesn’t exist
Sit with your transparent

For seven days at seven circles
I had a dozen heart-felt talks
with new friends
and old
Everyone was the Buddha

These foolish things
I gave up Starbucks for this?
Because your worth it
Withdrawals not withstanding



Heart of Practice – Images from our Summer 2015 Retreat

Seven Circles Retreat

Seven Circles Retreat

Some photos of our Summer Retreat at the Seven Circles Retreat in Badger CA.


Heart of Practice Retreat Slideshow

The Heart of Practice – Summer Retreat 2015

The Heart of Practice – Summer Retreat 2015.

New from “Off the Cushion” in the Spring 2015 Issue of Tricycle

Spring 2015 Issue

Spring 2015 Issue

Dear friends,

If you are a member of Tricycle magazine, please check out the new article “Alleviating Suffering” in the Spring 2015 issue by one of Bodhi Path’s own, dharma teacher Pamela Gayle White.

Here’s the link to the online article:

If you don’t have a subscription, you can pick up an issue at your local newsstand!

You can also download a previous article from the Winter 2014 issue, “Bedside Bodhisattva“,

And if you are already a member, don’t forget to join the discussion online! Share your thoughts about the article by posting a comment and have a dialog with the online community and Pamela!

Best wishes!

Pamela Gayle White is a dharma teacher and translator in the Bodhi Path network and a Tricycle contributing editor. She is a chaplain resident at the University of Virginia Medical Center, “on sabbatical” from her regular activities.

Om Ami Deva Hri – Remembering Shamarpa

Laughing Vajra

Laughing Vajra

Off the Cushion – Practice & Service Day

Here’s a short video slideshow of last month’s Day of Practice & Service. Pasadena Bodhi Path members gather once a month on the second Sunday for a day of Chenrezig practice and preparing of 50 sack lunches for the Union Station Homeless Services of Pasadena.


On the Road Again – Chenrezig Empowerment with Bonus Road Trip

Rinpoche in San Luis Obispo

Rinpoche in San Luis Obispo

Heading out to San Luis Obispo early last Saturday morning with 4 of us in the car, Cesar driving, we were a happy group bound for a Chenrezig Empowerment with Shamar Rinpoche. The evening before, Rinpoche had asked the Pasadena Bodhi Path members to come and meet with him and in the course of the conversation Rinpoche gave us some startling new advice! He said it is time think bigger and be more visible in the community. For the 10 years we have been holding weekly classes on Wednesday evenings in Pasadena having anywhere between 8-15 attendees each week in a rented class room. Occasionally we had have some weekend retreats and visiting teachers for weekend programs but have never advertised on a big scale as our group has always been quite small. He said that we should now put more effort into growing by holding our weekend teachings in a big hall. We should put up fliers and generally let it be more broadly known what we are doing. Let our light shine! On hearing Rinpoche’s advice, I for one was left feeling a bit unsettled as we have been doing things a certain way for so long that it has become quite a comfortable routine. The idea of changing this was at first unnerving! This was the hot topic of conversation during the morning part of the journey.

As we drove north, Lawrence suggested that we make a brief stop in Solvang at the Hans Christian Anderson Museum where they have a replica of a Guttenberg Press on display. The museum houses editions of Anderson’s writings and has many examples of his paper cut-out figures that I found particularly charming. Apparently he delighted the children of his friends by telling them stories illustrated with paper figures that he cut from paper as he wove his tales. After having yummy sandwiches in Los Olivos, we arrived comfortably at the Marriot Hotel in SLO half an hour early, in time to meet and greet all the dear friends from the other Bodhi Path Centers who were there in record numbers.



The SLO center had done exactly what Rinpoche was telling us to do the evening before! Here was as a living example, a 3D model of what he was trying his best to get across to us! They had rented a big hall, advertised broadly and even had an article written about the event and Rinpoche in the local newspaper, had books for sale, decorated stunningly with bountiful flowers and a large and radiant projected image of Chenrezig, and had built Rinpoche a beautiful high seat. Now it became obvious why he gave us those instructions! Lunar calendar astrological predictions for 2014, the year of the Male Wood Horse, are very apt. “Group actions of all types should have a special energy this year, and it is a good time to follow-through on ideas that arose during the more introspective Year of the Snake in 2013. It is also an auspicious time for breaking through obstacles on all levels… the ultimate outcome of most endeavors will be positive. It is also a good year for spiritual community, so starting or recommitting to a meditation practice and/or a sangha are both good uses of the energy available this year.” (Source:

They had a great turn out! The concerted group effort combined with their dedication was magnetizing. People came from far and wide and they just kept pouring in until the room was quite full. Rinpoche began with a Refuge Vow Ceremony that he had to restart twice so those just entering could be included. Then we all took the Bodhisattva Vow. Then he began the Chenrezig Empowerment. This he did step by step, explaining clearly what he was doing, what we should be imagining, and the benefits and results of each phase. After a short break, Rinpoche signed books and gave blessings both to us and our statues and other practice materials. We stayed until Rinpoche left the hall, then we headed home stopping for great dinner on the pier in Ventura where we had full view of the sunset glowing reddish pink over the distant Channel Islands.



Fred from the Sakya Buddhist Center in West LA and Levon

Fred from the Sakya Buddhist Center in West LA and Levon


Khedrub reporting from the dharmadhatu