Mind the Gap

Milarepa Eastern Tibet 1800 - 1899 Kagyu Lineage - Courtesy www.himalayanart.com

“In the gap between two thoughts,
Thought-free wakefulness manifests unceasingly.”
— Milarepa

Today is the Anniversary of Milarepa, the great Buddhist sage and teacher who lived from 1052-1036 A.D. Milarepa Day occurs annually on the first full moon of the Tibetan New Year. Milarepa overcame the transgressions of his youth to achieve enlightenment and liberation in a single lifetime, a superhuman achievement by Buddhist standards. He was known as “The Great Teacher,” and during his life spontaneously created songs expressing true spiritual understanding, insight, devotion and beauty. Those songs were captured in a book entitled “The Rain of Wisdom,” one of the most famous books in Tibetan literature. On Milarepa Day, his life is celebrated by reciting his wisdom songs as a means of conveying his teachings.

Milarepa was nefarious when he was young, using sorcery to commit evil deeds. He dropped bad karma bombs all over the place, but had enough of a conscience to be remorseful. So he set out to correct his ways, and eventually found contentment, enlightenment and liberation in the course of one lifetime – meaning there is hope for everyone.

Courtesy PRWeb.com (http://www.prweb.com/releases/2013/2/prweb10462378.htm)

Image Courtesty Himalayan Art (http://www.himalayanart.org/image.cfm/90717.html)


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