Dancing in the moment with Shinji

Colorado Street Bridge, Pasadena

Colorado Street Bridge, Pasadena

Dear friends,

There was a wonderful art exhibit at the Pasadena Senior Center recently. On display were a few paintings by our dear friend and long-time Bodhi Path member Shinji Isozaki. A beautiful piece titled, “Colorado Street Bridge, Pasadena” was awarded a first place certificate! We were all delighted for him. Shinji is a wonderful friend and an authentic Dharma practitioner. Always sharing his experience of fully integrating the teachings into his life and presence with sincerity and genuineness.



“As an architect I had to always be precise, detailed, and accurate. After retirement I wanted to loosen up and be more open, to experience the pure joy of painting. Watercolor is the perfect medium for me because it is light and spontaneous. It allows me to be more in the moment — like a performing art, such as dancing.”


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