Much Ado About Mindfulness

Mindfulness in the Media

Mindfulness in the Media

There is a wonderful article on the Tricycle blog regarding mindfulness meditation and its portrayal in the media.

Don’t Believe the Hype

Neuroscientist Catherine Kerr is concerned about how mindfulness meditation research is being portrayed in the media.

Meditating for some time now, personally, I have found it to be the most essential practice for well-being of body and mind. But I have been concerned about all the mainstream media attention it has received of late. Not because I doubt its benefits, but because as the title of the article puts very well, “Don’t believe the hype.”

One needs to put it into practice, and experience the results for themselves. To package it as the cure-all like some carpetbagger from the Old West selling an elixir merely dilutes the immense benefits of mindfulness practice. It seems to be reinforcing the state of mind that one is cultivating to abandon, hope and fear. Expectations.
What I enjoy the most about science is that one can see, through observation and analysis, (mindfulness, insight) that their is nothing fixed. Static. Science concludes with a plausibility as it gets close to the nitty-gritty, because everything is in constant flux. In dependence.

So for the benefit of all sentient beings, my wishes that these practices continue to benefit all who have the good conditions and a favorable state of mind, to enjoy all the benefits it has been labeled to produce. Cheers!

– cesar