Peace • Shalom • Shanti • Paz – A Day of Peace

From the Utthana Sutta of the Sutta Nipata.

From the Utthana Sutta of the Sutta Nipata. *

Hi folks,

A few of us attended the annual “Peace Sunday” event held at the IMAN  Cultural Center in Culver City yesterday. The event was an interfaith effort with some wonderful speakers and many lovely people working to make peace an actuality. Our mission was to gather information on how the many different organizations involved sustain themselves. Our fearless leader, Lama Khay’, led the way. She spoke to many different people including Leland Stewart, Chairman of the Peace Sunday Festival Steering Committee.

Leland Stewart and Lama Khaydroup in discussion.

Leland Stewart and Lama Khaydroup in discussion.

She was busy networking for our group and making friends. As for me, I’m afraid I was quite the lazy cat sitting in the sun and enjoying the music that was offered. There were many interesting people in attendance. Even Uncle Sam wanted a Peace of the action!
Uncle Sam

Uncle Sam

As I write this post for our blog, our country has begun airstrikes in a country in the Middle East. May the activities of Peace Sunday’s gathering be the cause to bring peace to the region and illuminate the minds of sentient beings trapped in the darkness of ignorance.This verse from the Dhammapada speaks what I sensed yesterday to be most important when one wishes for peace in the world.

All experience is preceded by mind,

Led by mind,

Made by mind.

Speak or act with a peaceful mind,

And happiness follows,

Like a never-departing shadow **

Paz – Shalom – Shanti – Peace

* Image and quote from the Buddha courtesy of “Fake Buddha Quotes” website. This quote is actually authentic.

** From The Dhammapada: A New Translation of the Buddhist Classic with Annotations by Gil Fronsdal


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