“Does a dog have Buddha-nature or not?” – “Poo!”

Dog days in Kathmandu

Dog days in Kathmandu

I was in Nepal recently, for the first time. A pilgrimage to attend my teacher’s final rites and to visit and experience holy sites. Shortly after landing and checking in at the hotel, Ralph my travel buddy, and I went to Boudhanath and did kora as the sun began to settle in for the night. After roughly 15 hours in the air, and 10 hrs in the Abu Dhabi airport, and a lovely drive from the Nepal airport there was a beautiful, magical sense to the place. The chaos and spiritual were in a beautiful dance. No reference. I felt like I had arrived home. In the midst of this experience, Ralph pointed out, with humorous shock, a dog doing his business in the middle of it all as we circumamulated the giant Boudha stupa. To be blunt, taking a shit. He sighed, I smiled. It was perfect as it was. Things as it is. Perhaps this was a glimpse of satori, for me. A thousand thoughts in a moment. A moment of a thousand thoughts. No reference. No sticking. Perhaps an offering to the buddhas. The intimacy with a pure view recognized a connection to awakening, in whatever form. Just a dog taking a shit.

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