Women’s Meditation/Yoga Retreat – June 22-28, 2014 – Sedgwick Reserve in the Santa Inez Valley

Khedrub Zangmo and Ana Maria Delgado

Khedrub Zangmo and Ana Maria Delgado

Women’s Meditation/Yoga Retreat – 12 noon, June 22 – 12 noon June 28, 2014
Led by Khedrub Zangmo and Ana Maria Delgado
Held at the Sedgwick Reserve in the Santa Inez Valley

Welcome to a week-long practice intensive! It is fortunate indeed to have the time to delve deeply into spiritual discovery. This is a rare opportunity to set aside our daily responsibilities, unplug the devices, and allow ourselves to stop. In the natural tranquility of the Sedgwick Reserve we will experience the true relief that comes from a quiet mind and an open heart. Learning to be gentle with ourselves and “to relax in the doing” is liberating and transformative. The key is finding the balance between, “not too tight, and not too loose”, between relaxed discipline and awake relaxation. In so doing we discover that peace and happiness are already present within our own mind, we only have to relax and let go of everything that is obscuring the innate qualities of our wisdom and compassion.
In this retreat we will base our study on Shamar Rinpoche’s newest book, “The Path to Awakening”, a commentary on Chekawa Yeshe Dorje’s distillation of Astisha’s teachings into seven points. We will also use two of Shamar Rinpoche’s other books, “Boundless Awakening” and “The King of Prayers” as well as “The Chenrezig Sadhana and Commentary” translated by Shamar Rinpoche and Pamela Gayle White. Please join two experienced teachers and a supportive spiritual community for meditation and yoga practice, study, and nature walks. We warmly invite you to come and experience the joy of slowing down and paying kind and gentle attention to your mind and body. Although the program is suited for beginner and intermediate level practitioners, applicants may anticipate a fairly intensive retreat, and are expected to attend all sessions on the schedule.

For more information and retreat application please see attached PDF.


Awakening Wisdom Heart-Womens Retreat


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