Going Deeper Part IV – Winter Meditation Retreat

Pamela & Khedrub from their Tricycle Retreat in March 2011

Pamela & Khedrub from their Tricycle Retreat in March 2011

Dearest Friends,

I have some good news to announce!  At our next meditation retreat, which is going to happen on the weekend between Christmas and the New Year, Pamela Gayle White will be joining us!  This will be our fourth weekend meditation retreat of the year using Gendun Rinpoche’s book, Heart Advice from a Mahamudra Master.  Pamela and I did retreat at the same time under the guidance of Gendun Rinpoche.  For three of those 6 years we were next door neighbors in the retreat compound.  Pamela is a close personal friend so I am thrilled that she will be with us for our next retreat.  Many of you will recognize her name as she has translated many of the prayers and study materials that we use.  Pamela and I also teamed up for a Tricycle retreat a couple of years ago.
If you haven’t made it to any of the retreats we have had this year, now is your chance.  No previous experience is needed.  We typically meet from 9am-4:30pm on Saturday and Sunday, have a vegetarian pot luck lunch and divide the time equally between study and meditation.  It is a wonderful opportunity to deepen our practice and understanding of the Dharma. So please save the dates of Dec. 28th and 29th and come join us for this end of the year event.
The very next weekend and the beginning of the New Year, Jan.4th and 5th, Karma Trinlay Rinpoche will be back teaching again in Santa Barbara on The Way of the Bodhisattva.  I hope as many of us as possible from Pasadena Bodhi Path will take the opportunity to attend.  We can carpool and have a Dharma good time!  Pamela will also be joining us for this.
Thank you everyone for your practice and good hearts.  Your participation is greatly appreciated.


Aloha all, from Kona!



Don Erway here.

I left Pasadena, a year ago, to help out my parents over here in Kona, as they moved into an assisted living facility.  That has been going very well.

I have been very active with a Japanese Soto Zen temple near where I live, called Daifukuji.  They have about 200 member families, from elderly members, to families with young children.  They have a nice library.

I meditate and chant some sutras every Wednesday morning, at 6 am, and every other Thursday, in the evening.   I have been volunteering every Tuesday, at 7am to teach some “at risk”, youth, to meditate.  They are teenage boys, and this is challenging!

I have been reading a new translation of Master Nagarjuna’s Mulamadhyamakakarika, by Nishijima and Brad Warner.  It is somewhat more accessible than previous versions.  The commentary speaks to modern understanding.

The weather here is wonderful, year round.  The big thing I miss, is Wednesday night Bodhipath, with all my friends, and especially now the video series!

Happy Thanksgiving, and holidays!