Verse 107 & Verse 108 – Nagarjuna’s Letter to a Friend wisdom, concentration fails,
And without concentration, wisdom too.
For someone who has both, samsara’s sea
Fills no more than the print left by a hoof. (107)

The Kinsman of the Sun did well pronounce
With silence on the fourteen worldly points.
On these you must not ponder or reflect,
With them your mind will never be at peace. (108)


This week we continued our study of Nagarjuna’s Letter to a Friend. We discussed verse 107-108. Verse 107 pointed to the importance of both shamatha (concentration) and vipashyana (wisdom) for one to attain nirvana.

Verse 108 pertained to the views one has to abandon, in particular views on which the Buddha did not give an opinion, but rather remained in silence. Known as The Fourteen Questions to Which Buddha Remained Silent.


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